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My good friend and mentor Chuck Wolf recently recorded a conversation he had with Michol Dalcourt. Chuck is a biomechanist specialist and owns Human Motion Associates. He knows more about movement of the human body than anyone I have met, and is a former professional baseball player. I learned more from Chuck during my 3 month internship with him than I have learned over any other 3 month period of my life. He does an amazing job applying his knowledge and creating drills and exercises that are “simple”, but very effective (many of which I stole and use myself now). You will hear his name a lot in future articles. I do not personally know Michol, but his resume speaks for itself. Chuck always had nothing but the highest compliments for Michol, and you can see why. I have used the ViPR, which he invented, and loved it. Below is part 1 of their 4 part series on strength for athleticism where they discuss why traditional strength (how much you can lift in the weight room) is just a piece of the puzzle. The rest of the series will be posted as it is made available. Enjoy.