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How Maturity Affects Programming

Posted: September 10, 2019 in General Health

The more I write programs, the more I take into consideration the maturity level of the athlete. 

We tell every athlete during the evaluation that it’s not about the program we write, but the way you (the athlete) execute the program. 

This whole idea has always played a part in programming for the athletes that I work with, but over the last month this topic has come up multiple times in discussions with Jayson. 

Now when I sit down to write a program one of the first thoughts that crosses my mind is “How well does this athlete pay attention to detail?” and “Is this exercise too complex for his/her attention span?”. 

Programming around what the athlete can mentally handle has become one of the main ways I individualize programs. 

To quote Jayson, “If you want a big boy program, you have to act like a big boy” 

There is a lesson in here for both athletes and coaches. 

For athletes: Is your lack of focus preventing you from being challenged more? 

Even in the weight room, physical ability is NOT the only thing that matters. If a coach doesn’t trust that you know the play, you’re going to sit the bench. If a strength and conditioning coach knows you mentally take reps off, your program will be dumbed down with less complex, low risk, low reward exercises and rep schemes. 

For strength and conditioning coaches: The best program on paper is rarely the best program for the athlete. Make sure you take into consideration mental factors like determination and attention to detail just like you would with physical limitations or abilities.