My main goal in training with Barrett was becoming stronger, all while gaining athleticism and speed. Every movement we do I can relate to actions I would perform on the soccer field. For example, instead of laying on my back and doing bench press, we use a barbell for a landmine push press and focused on exploding with my whole body to push the bar up. After each rep I could still feel the burn in my chest, but also throughout my whole body. If all you’re trying to do is look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, then stick to your single-muscle movements. However, if you are looking to become stronger, faster, and more explosive, I would listen to every word Barrett has to say.

-Cody Brinkman, USA Soccer U-18 Developmental Academy Team Member


Before my son began working with Barrett, he was a good pitcher and average athlete.  Barrett provided an honest assessment of his strengths, and  helped him understand areas that needed focus.  His program was simple to understand, and always stressed WHY each exercise is important.  Barrett always encouraged questions and feedback.  Barrett’s straightforward approach, open communication style, and structure have helped my son develop his abilities and develop more consistent approach to being a better, healthier athlete.

-Jeff Hibbard, Father of a high school baseball player


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